The defunct truck stop at Rye Patch will be replaced with a brand new truck stop after a special use permit was recently approved for the project by the Pershing County Regional Planning Commission.

The new gas station, truck stop, convenience store and restaurant will be just west of Interstate 80 and just south of State Route 401, the two-lane road to Rye Patch Reservoir. The new truck stop will be right across the freeway from the abandoned Burns Brothers truck stop on the east side of the interstate.

The land is zoned Urban Area-Commercial (UA-C) so the gas station and convenience store are allowed under the Pershing County Development Code but the truck stop required a special use permit. A detailed architectural design and engineered construction plan with an overall project “footprint” had not been completed in time for the planning commission meeting but the permit was approved anyway.

No negative impacts on the Rye Patch area are expected according to the planning commission agenda prepared by Pershing County's Planning and Building Director James Evans. Nearby property owners include Humboldt River Ranch residents, a homeowners association east of the Rye Patch interchange.

“It should be a boost to the local economy and Pershing County as a whole,” Evans states in the agenda. “Approval of this Special Use Permit should not result in any adverse effect on surrounding property owners.”

More permits for the project are needed from the Nevada Department of Transportation, the state health department and other agencies for underground gas storage tanks, utilities, signage and other issues. Evans said a traffic study may indicate the two-lane state road should be widened for increased traffic.

The project will require a new groundwater well, if the water rights are available, according to Evans.

Humboldt River Ranch resident Dr. Bruce Luke inquired if employee housing will be part of the new truck stop. He and other nearby residents were unhappy with housing facilities at the old truck stop.

“The reason I ask this is the current truck stop has had quite an issue with Humboldt River Ranch and other people around there complaining about trailers that were there,” Luke said. Singh replied that truck stop employees could include local homeowners or commuters from other areas.

Singh pointed out that he and his family own and operate other truck stops but the proposed Rye Patch project would be the first truck stop they have built from the ground up.

“We have experience with this type of business in our family and you are not going to have those issues with this facility,” Singh said. “It's going to be a brand new facility with a brand new restaurant.”

No opposition was expressed at the meeting and one Rye Patch resident spoke in favor the project.

“I'm a resident of the Humboldt River Ranch,” said Carolyn Hultgren. “I would appreciate having a convenient place to get gas so I don't have to get gas here (in Lovelock) before I go home.”

Her husband Clarence Hultgren emphasized the concern over unattractive employee housing.

“One of my concerns is if subsequently there is housing provided for workers that it be appropriately screened which was not the case at the Burns Brothers (truck stop),” he said. “If you could give us some assurances that would be the case, that takes care of one my concerns.”

Planning Commissioner Carl Clinger informed Hultgren and others at the meeting that there would be “heavy restrictions” on secondary structures unlike the now defunct gas station across the freeway.

Hultgren requested an update on the status of the old truck stop that was closed months ago.

“The last time I checked, yesterday, it was in the county treasurer's hands,” Evans said. “I would assume for non-payment of taxes.”

The commission voted unanimously in favor of the special use permit for the new Rye Patch truck stop with the stipulation that the project comply with all required state and federal codes and permits.

The next regional planning commission is set for May 3, 2017 at 5:30 p. m. at Lovelock City Hall.