The following couples were granted marriage licenses recently by the Humboldt County Clerk:

Sept. 4

Norman Dean McCord, age 61, of Winnemucca to Velma arming Tacza, age 52, of Winnemucca.

Arthur Joseph Fitzgerald, age 32, of Winnemucca to Rebecca Lynn Hawley, age 27, of Winnemucca.

Sept. 7

Shawn Lloyd Kelley, age 49, of Roseburg, Ore. to Kelly Lee Brown, age 36, of Roseburg, Ore.

Madelyn Mae Rolison, age 33, of Winnemucca to Melanie Marie Morris, age 43, of Winnemucca

Sept. 10

Deandrea Redleaf Dave, age 20, of McDermitt to Justin Burton Paradise, age 24, of McDermitt.

Sept. 11

Jacob Aaron Hand, age 26, of Winnemucca to Stephanie Joanne Herriage, age 26, of Winnemucca.

Sept. 17

James Leon Kienholz, age 46, of Golconda to Amanda Lynne Schremser, age 46, of Golconda.

Sept. 21

Bruce Allan Matthys, age 42, of Winnemucca to Linda Idell Booth, age 49, of Winnemucca.

Sept. 24

Clinton James McNair, age 36, of Winnemucca to Velvet Ruth Frost, age 30, of Winnemucca.

Kyle Matthew Ebert, age 30, of Winnemucca to Brandy Lavee Goslin, age 29, of Winnemucca.

Kurtis Raymond Young, age 46, of Winnemucca to Wendy Monica York, age 45, of Winnemucca.

Breanna Danielle Padilla, age 25, of Winnemucca to Corey Allen Brooks, age 24, of Winnemucca.

Sept. 25

Levi Daniel Bliss, age 24, of Winnemucca to Allison Faith Barron, age 22, of Winnemucca.

Sept. 27

Larry Christopher Allen, age 43, of Winnemucca to Michelle Jean Hammond Urain, age 37, of Winnemucca.

John Ernest Mullen, age 47, of Winnemucca to Rhonda Renae Orr, age 46, of Winnemucca.