Oct. 8

Carl Eugene Simmons, age 67, of Winnemucca to Victoria Kathleen Smith, age 63, of Oroville, Ca. 

Oct. 9

Donald James Sexton, age 36, of Winnemucca to Tommie Durick, age 37, of Winnemucca.

Oct. 12

Pamela Allison Ward, age 60, of Winnemucca to Charles Robert Gregory, age 65, of Winnemucca. 

Oct. 15

Derek Jesse Quilici, age 24, of Winnemucca to Kelsey Ann Lombardi, age 22, of Winnemucca. 

Oct. 19

Alfred Jesse Swett, age 58, of Huntington, Ore. to Robin Marie Henry, age 58, of Huntington, Ore.

Joanna Sandoval, age 28, of Winnemucca to Oscar De J. Coronado Hernandez, age 27, of Winnemucca.

Oct. 22

Michael Lynn Waddell, age 64, of Midas, Nev. to Sharon Leigh Newbold, age 48, of Midas, Nev. 

Oct. 25

Alexandra Ramirez Paredes, age 27, of Winnemucca to Noel Jesus Garcia, age 26, of Winnemucca.

Nicholas Paul Spencer, age 38, of Winnemucca to Julia Carrillo-Guerrero, age 25, of Winnemucca. 

Oct. 30

Willia Lincoln Si-Sho-Luk, agge 28, of McDermitt to Elisa Allison Dave, age 29, of McDermitt.