The following couples were granted marriage licenses recently by the Humboldt County Clerk:

June 1

Samuel Lee Patterson, age 37, of Winnemucca to Colleen Dee Schaffer, age 32, of Winnemucca

June 4

Austin Frank Mayo, age 29, of Winnemucca to Jessica Lee Eastman, age 28, of Winnemucca

June 12

Bruce Adam Bales, age 37, of Winnemucca to Kelly Sue Ross, age 36, of Winnemucca

June 13

Regan Max Lee, age 59, of Vale, Ore. to Alice Marie Bradford, age 53, of Vale, Ore.

June 18

William Cody Williams, age 25, of Paradise Valley to Ashley Rose Phillips, age 26 of Paradise Valley

June 19

Rickey Lee Highland, age 59, of Elko to Christina May Curry, age 65, of Elko.

June 25

Mathew Vieria Cardoza, age 55, of Winnemucca to Cathrine Marie Southerland, age 50 of Winnemucca

June 27

Lawrence William McKinnon, age 40, of Winnemucca to Angella Joy Cook, age 35, of Winnemucca

June 29

Johnny Dean Marr, age 60, of Winnemucca to Sherry Renay Bunn, age 47, of Winnemucca

Servando Figueroa, age 29, of Winnemucca to Osiris Loyola, age 23, of Winnemucca