March 15

Fried chicken, cucumber salad, apples and caramel, pesto spaghetti, Snickerdoodle

March 16

Country fried steak, corn, peaches, mashed potatoes and gravy, Apple Upside Down Cake

March 17

Corned beef and cabbage, green pears, Irish soda bread, lime Jell-O, cottage cheese salad

March 20

Chicken Cacciatore, green beans, pineapple, Linguini, hot fudge sundae

March 21

Pork chow mein, applesauce, Udon noodles, Chinese almond cookies

March 22

Turkey wrap, spinach salad, banana, onion rings, Tiramisu

March 23

Chicken garlic pizza, Spring mix, apricots, Jell-O and fruit

March 24

Inside out grilled cheese, veggie barley soup, tropical fruit, peach cobbler