LOVELOCK — Each year Lovelock Frontier Days gives up to 4 scholarships to high school seniors who are continuing their education. Our scholarship emphasizes community service, particularly for Lovelock Frontier Days.

Scholarships will be based on volunteering for Lovelock Frontier Days (1 point for each volunteer hour), application (possible 100 points) and interview (possible 100 points). The criteria on which the applications are judged: civic activities and other community service (20 pts), extracurricular activities (10 pts), financial need and personal employment (30 pts), GPA (10 pts), letter of recommendation from a teacher, letter from an employer volunteer supervisor, and a letter from a personal acquaintance (3x5 pts), and thought and time spent on application (10 pts) for a total of 100 points. A cover page should be submit with your PCHS Scholarship Application and 3 letters of recommendation to your high school counselor or LFD committee member Marianne Papa by April 24th, 2017 (775 442-1336).